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Since 1968 Tivoli production has provided its customers with contemporary high quality wooden chairs and tables. Founded in a small city of Stryi which is situated in the western part of Ukraine, near Polish border, in a few years the company became an internationally recognized brand.

Vladyslav Lisovskyi remains the creative and entrepreneurial engine of the company, but he has also involved his entire family to the full in his busy work, including his wife and daughters, not to mention all the employees who make up a big, united and collaborative family in the company.


For over 20 years , the company has been researching, designing and producing wooden chairs for partners worldwide, with many of them celebrating already 20-years anniversary of partnership.


Our knowledge, skills, techniques  are still alive and conquer on the world market  thanks to our mechanized and  innovative production.

Tivoli Furniture is always characterized by its strong passion for beauty and its continuous search for quality, both functional and technical.


On the wave of the new millennium, the company launched itself on a global path, to sell made-in Ukraine chairs and tables to 24 countries and not planning to stop opening new markets.


Beauty and work are the passions of our whole family.

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