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The beautiful minimalist design of the 'Calm' chair is capable of transforming any interior into an oasis of peace and tranquility. It expertly combines gentle colors in the fabric and finish with an ergonomic construction that provides comfortable seating and back support.

The delicate back that smoothly transitions into the legs creates an incredibly light and graceful image, while the soft seat on a plywood base provides maximum comfort. In every line and form of the 'Calm' chair, one can feel thoughtful carefulness and passionate attention to detail that makes this design so attractive to the eye.

Ideal for private and public spaces, 'Calm' is an incredibly lightweight and sensual chair that will be remembered for its softness and harmonious forms. The design studio "Kononenko Id" successfully translated all needs and desires into this refined and wonderful project. Let the 'Calm' chair become a pleasant addition to your home or restaurant!


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