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Sambir Chair - Ukrainian minimalism at its finest! This sublime piece of furniture boasts impeccable proportions that are a feast for the eyes. Available in a range of colors, the main collection features two classic color combinations - light wood and fabric, as well as black and white for those who prefer a more traditional look.

The chair's large, comfortable backrest is the perfect complement to the round seat, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation in the company of loved ones, in the most elegant and modern of interiors. The chair's graceful curves and ergonomic design perfectly blend with the natural wood and textured fabric, creating a seamless and harmonious composition that elevates your space to new heights.

The Sambir Chair is the epitome of simplicity and sophistication, exuding an understated elegance that effortlessly enhances any interior. With its unique charm and comfort, this chair is a work of art that will leave you feeling inspired and at ease.


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